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The HeadRush Gigboard® delivers the most versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone and FX models ever found in a road-ready floorboard guitar FX processor. The HeadRush Pedalboard delivers a new generous and diverse offering of classic vintage and modern amp and effects models, including exclusive original boutique effects that can’t be found anywhere else, as well as the ability to load your own custom impulse response (IR) files. HeadRush Pedalboard A guitar pedalboard enables you to add sound effects, or switch between different tones while you play – for instance, when transitioning from low gain to high gain sections of a song, or to temporarily add reverb or other effects at particular moments.

The outgoing signal from the HeadRush Gigboard can be mono or stereo, depending on the models in your rig, the signal path, and which manual headrush outputs you are using. Power Switch: Press this button to turn the HeadRush Looperboard’s power on. Picking up where the Headrush E1 left off, the E2 Headrush brings together bit digital delay with times from ms to an 35 Dimensions & Weight. Headrush also comes with an expression pedal included.

Inputs (XLR or 1/4”/6. For info on the Gigaboard: All headrush FX, amps and cabs. It features a powerful, quad-core DSP system tailor-made for the Looperboard, combined with a 7” touchscreen interface and an impressive set of audio inputs and outputs for maximum versatility. The publication date for each manual is given in parenthesis () — to see if you have the most current version, check the bottom corner of the back cover for the revision date. See more videos for Manual Headrush. And I really manual headrush like that the Gigboard has 4 stomp switches versus the HX Stomp only having 3.

Read or download all product manuals for Head Rush products Learn about device installation, operation and get troubleshooting advice throughout our product manuals. Brian from HeadR. The HeadRush Pedalboard is a dynamic tonal tool Thanks to the HeadRush Pedalboard&39;s custom-designed quad-core DSP system, every model you select greets you with the tonal detail, touch response, and clarity that you would get plugging into the original gear. Headrush Pedalboard.

But so far, I think I the more user friendly interface of the Headrush Gigboard from what I&39;ve seen. Large cannister speaker (2 pages) Speakers HEADRUSHInstruction Manual. Head Rush Technologies powers the most epic adventures in the world.

com to download the complete user guide. This rig will replace your main pedalbaord and give you switching capabilities without having to tap dance all over the place just to get different combinations of effects. Visit headrushfx. Backstory completed, I was just wondering if there&39;s a difference between the HeadRush 108 and Alto TS308 because so far as I can tell they&39;re identical - with the latter being slightly more expensive? An indicator near the end of the signal path indicates the current configuration.

That’s quite a bit less than the Helix, but these are still plenty to work with. com to download the full, detailed User Guide, which may also contain additional information for new features and improvements after firmware updates. Quickstart Guide (English) Introduction Box Contents HeadRush Gigboard USB Cable Power Adapter Software Download Card Quickstart Guide Safety & Warranty Manual Important: Visit headrushfx.

The Pedalboard’s user manual is a mere 30 pages compared with the Eleven Rack’s 142, which might lead you to think that we’re looking at a massively dumbed-down unit — but nothing could be further from the truth! Vent: Make sure this vent is unobstructed while using the HeadRush Pedalboard. View and Download HEADRUSH Pedalboard quick start manual online. The Headrush has a wealth of amps and cabs to choose from but sometimes you just wanna use a real amp and cab.

The good thing is that you can also use the Headrush pedalboard as a recording interface. Page 2 Quickstart Guide Power Adapter Safety & Warranty Manual Important: This Quickstart Guide covers basic functionality of the HeadRush Looperboard. Vent: Make sure this vent is unobstructed while using the HeadRush Looperboard. I recently acquired a Headrush pedalboard, and all though it is very intuitive in regards to its UI, I&39;d like to start this thread so that users may have a place to gain some knowledge from other members. Pedalboard music pedal pdf manual download. The Gigboard is a scaled-down version of the Pedalboard, HeadRush’s flagship amp and effects modeler. This pack was made to give your ears a break. Guitar Input (1/4”/6.

HeadRush is part of an elite family of hardware and software companies known as inMusic Brands. Subscribe: sub_confirmation=1 Read the full article: ly/HeadRushTest *Buy now: HeadRush Pedalboard & Gigboard User Group has 7,306 members. Singtall Headrush Presets Free Presets Download Presets Singtall Fizz Reduction Pack Can’t stand the sound of modelers because of the high end fizzy sound? From tips & tricks, favorite 3rd party IRs that work best with certain amp models. Akai head rush e2 Pdf User Manuals. Built with the goal of enabling artists to take the art of looping live audio to the next level, Looperboard utilizes a powerful quad-core DSP.

I practice I lot, play to backing tracks a lot, and want to make an informed choice so I figured what better place to ask. The HeadRush Looperboard pushes the art of looping live audio to the next level, so you can create like never before. Just warm tone here. User-selectable delay options allow for maximum control of output signal.

35 mm, balanced): Connect your guitar, instrument, drum machine,. Power Switch: Press this button to turn the HeadRush Looperboard’s power on. Related Manuals for HEADRUSH BACKBEAT. Maybe you were using a live amp in your room and this is your first modeler? Press and hold this button to turn the HeadRush Looperboard’s power off. This user group is for help & discussion around the Headrush Pedalboard.

More info on the Akai Headrush than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! The HeadRush Multi-Effects Pedalboard features a finely tuned quad-core processor and it’s powered by exclusive Eleven HD Expanded DSP software, so the HeadRush Pedalboard delivers the most versatile, realistic-sounding and responsive amplifier, cabinet, microphone and FX models ever found in a floorboard guitar FX processor. The inMusic Profile is where you can register products, download software titles, and access exclusive content and offers - not just for HeadRush, but for any brands within the inMusic network! The fact that you get the same processing power and everything is the same as the bigger Headrush pedalboard but in a smaller unit is awesome to me!

Cumberland, RI (Ap) --HeadRush, the recognized innovator of next-generation guitar products, today announced the immediate availability of their newest product, the HeadRush Looperboard. Real-time feedback and gain adjustment as well as echo rate enable sounds to be shaped with precision. In fact, the shorter manual is testament to the power of the Pedalboard’s touchscreen-based user interface. The Headrush offers: 33 amps, 15 cabs, 10 mics ; and 42 effects.

The HeadRush FRFR-108 is a lightweight -watt full-range, flat-response powered cabinet that perfectly complements your HeadRush Pedalboard, Gigboard, or any other multi-FX/amp modeler to give you a realistic room-filling sound with the authentic feel of a speaker pushing air. One of the most powerful and intuitive looper pedals ever built, the Headrush Looperboard features a 7" touchscreen, 4 stereo looper tracks, over 5 hours of. In this video we will share a comparison between the Line 6 HX STOMP and the HEADRUSH GIGBOARD. Page 4: Features 11. HeadRush FRFR-108 ®. HeadRush Pedalboard Firmware Version: 2. 0 Release Date: Octo Added 7 new amp models to the Amp category:65 BLACK PRINCE65 BLACK PRINCE REV66 FLIP BASS82 LEAD 800 50W82 LEAD 800 TS MOD85 M-2 LEAD CAP MOD92 TREADPLATE RAW Added 160 new manual headrush HeadRush Exclusive Cab IRs (impulse responses) to the IR category, based on the following. 35 mm, TS): Connect your guitar to this input using a standard instrument cable.

Description The Akai Professional E2 HEAD RUSH combines delay, tape echo, and a looping recorder in a single pedal. It has fewer footswitches and no built-in controller pedal, but its tones and operating system are similar. Power Switch: Press this button to turn the HeadRush Pedalboard’s power on. Speakers HEADRUSH HRSP 5020 Instruction Manual.

Manufacturer page:. Our Zip Line and Free Fall manual headrush products for the amusement and adventure industries are used in the most epic builds around the globe. Our patented magnetic braking technology has enabled the TRUBLUE Auto Belay to become the most tested and trusted Auto Belay in the world. View online or download Akai head rush e2 Operator’s Manual. Press and hold this button to turn the HeadRush Pedalboard’s power off. Facebook/Youtube Live Stream Q&A Thursday, Ma 3pm EST | 8pm | GMT Facebook/YouTube Live Stream event about the HeadRush Gigboard!

The unit has basic 4 16 bit mono tracks, that are enhanced with DSP and decent AD/DA converters, but it is not a 32bit unit and it the real recording spec is 16/48Khz. To check the balance of your gift card, enter the card number and the security code in the fields below and click "Check Balance. Pete writes and records a song using the Headrush Gigaboard, and then breaks down each part and tone! Both units have loopers included. Floor Guitar Effects, finely tuned quad-core processor. The arguments we will discuss together are: the technical dif. It is sad that the Headrush makes confusing claims on their website and manual.

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