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This generates remarkably accurate results and a superb WBC differential. The XT- i haematology analyser uses our unique fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC) technology. graphics) 5000 patients’ information 1000 selective test orders. L&39;échantillonneur Reflex les achemine automatiquement dans le module équipé du canal spécifique à lanalyse demandée.

By automatically reanalysing samples for which results are considered unreliable, it significantly reduces manual interventions and frees up time and resources. The DxH 800 and Sapphire offered similar flagging efficiencies at 77. Reproducibility on XN was performed using sequential analysis, repeated 10 times, of samples with low platelet counts.

Pour accroître le champ d&39;activité de votre laboratoire, vous pouvez mettre en réseau votre XN- avec d&39;autres XN pour créer des installations multi-sites. Infine, la miglior correlazione del conteggio piastrinico con l’analisi di CD61 si è osservata per XN-. Methods We enrolled 280 normal.

This is a standalone, benchtop instrument. Enjoy our Media Center All All Documents Podcast Images Videos Sysmex History. Correlation studies were performed against the Sysmex XE2100 analyzer. XN- sistemi, belirtilen bir klinik uygulama ile donatabileceğiniz iki analiz modülünden oluşan bir kombinasyondur. In the most comparable multianalyzer study, by Kang et al, 5. 1–3These delicate differences require an accurate method for determining the platelet count. The XN-20 offers an additional analysis channel, the white precursor cell (WPC) channel, which provides improved differentiation of abnormal WBC populations, to add further.

10,11 So xn-2000 far, however, determination of the number of platelets is hampered by a certain degree of variation and deviation, in particular when obtained using different methods and/or instruments, especially when the low-range counts are considered. During follow-up, platelet counts between ×103/μL (50–100 × 109/L) are used as an indication of the potential need for platelet transfusion. The XN- system is a combination of two analysis modules that you can equip with a specified clinical application. In its Rerun & Reflex configuration, the XN-1000 offers reproducible result quality in the shortest possible time. · Background. Diamond Diagnostics is a manufacturer and refurbishing company specializing in Chemistry, Immunology, Hematology, Coagulation, Blood Gas and Electrolyte instrumentation, as well as consumables and service parts. reliable results the first time a sample is run to eliminate manual reviews and increase the speed to diagnosis. The PLT-O count is m.

Recent studies showed that some cell population data (CPD) parameters of neutrophils may be useful for diagnosing myelodysplastic syndromes and sepsis, for the differential diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia, and some CPD parameters of lymphocytes may be a valuable tool for preliminary screening of B cell lymphoproliferative disease. XT-i hematoloji analizöründe eşsiz floresans akış sitometrisi (FFC) teknolojimiz kullanılmaktadır. Samples from patients with PLT-I counts below 50 × 103/μL (50 × 109/L) were selected from the daily routine batch. XN- DIFF : Sistema con profilo analitico di base CBC DIFF : 1859: 2 : G: XN- WPC. Now, they can be upgraded to include the NEW XN-20 CBC analyzer, as a complementary system to the established XN-10.

The xn-2000 dasit manual compact, fully automated system performs clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic tests. Search a manual > Download : Operating instructions, user manual, owner&39;s manual, installation manual, workshop manual, repair manual, service manual, illustrated parts list, schematics. Figure 2 shows the results for PLT-F on Sysmex XN and the flow cytometric CD61-ImmunoPLT method. Avec deux modules opérationnels, le travail de routine est davantage sécurisé car vous disposez toujours d&39;une solution de back-up intégrée.

Linear regression analysis to determine the correla. XN- – A perfect pair for basic and extended testing The XN- system is a combination of two analysis modules that you can equip with all the available diagnostic applications. Affidabilità, robustezza, innovazione tecnologica applicata alla diagnostica ematologica: fattori che si traducono in soluzioni analitiche ed organizzative che guardano sempre verso il futuro. Today, under that pursuit, many of our customers have been able to achieve auto-validation rates as high as 90%. The XN- system is a combination of two analysis modules that you can equip with all the available diagnostic applications. See full list on sysmex. Sysmex Corporation’s corporate philosophy defines its mission as “Shaping the advancement of healthcare. Results are listed in Table xn-2000 dasit manual 1.

IntroductionThe Sysmex XN- analyzer can assess 36 routine and 57 cell population data (CPD) items. XN- - une combinaison parfaite pour des tests basiques et avancés Dans sa configuration Rerun & Reflex, il se transforme en une fantastique solution pour les analyses basiques ou avancées. 8,9The reference platelet count was calculated using the platelet/RBC ratio with correction for RBC/platelet coincidence events. Grâce au système « Rerun & Reflex », il se transforme en une fantastique solution pour les analyses basiques ou avancées. Les deux modules traitant les échantillons d&39;un même portoir simultanément, il peut s&39;adapter à n&39;importe quel échantillon sans ralentir.

On both instruments, quality control samples and maintenance procedures were performed daily according to the manufacturer’s instructions. XN-, invece, ha mostrato la miglior sensibilità per la flag blasti (97%), mentre le specificità erano paragonabili tra gli strumenti. A look inside the Sysmex Field Service Trainee program.

Linear regression analysis to determine the correlation between PLT-F and the CD61-ImmunoPLT method resulted in PLT-F = 0. ” On that basis, we provide diagnostic instruments, reagents and software throughout the world. A total of 37 K2EDTA anticoagulated blood samples from patients with PLT-O counts below 50 × 103/μL (50 × 109/L) was evaluated in the study.

5,7These deviations might be eliminated by the new Sysmex XN analyzer, which offers an alternative method for platelet counting based on a new fluorescence method combined with an extended counting volum. Az Újrafuttatási és Reflex konfigurációjában az alapvető valamint a kibővített tesztelés kiváló megoldására lett átalakítva. Results for PLT-F and PLT-O on XN are shown in Figure 3. In this study, we evaluated these items as sepsis biomarkers. 53 kg Throughput up to 60 samples/h in WB mode up to 70 samples/h in WB mode with the optional Speed-up licence. 977, respectively Table 2. Results of the correlation between PLT-I and PLT-O on XN and XE2100 yielded r = 0.

XN-550 specifications. Systém XN- je kombinací dvou analytických modulů, které můžete vybavit jakoukoli klinickou aplikací. Az XN--es rendszer két analítikai modul kombinációja, amit specifikus klinikai alkalmazással láthat el.

Blood samples were analyzed with the parameter profile “CBC+RETI” (for XE2100) and “CBC+RETI+PLT-F” (for XN) to ensure that results of all parameters were available. Les modules fonctionnent parfaitement ensemble. The calibration status of the Sysmex XE2100 and XN analyzers was initially checked by the manufacturer. Preparation of Blood Samples.

Blood samples were drawn into Vacutainer tubes, anticoagulated with K2EDTA (Becton Dickinson, Plymouth, England), and analyzed within 4 hours after collection. De Rerun & Reflex-configuratie transformeert het systeem tot een superieure oplossing voor basaal en uitgebreid labonderzoek. 4,12–14 The use of both impedance and optical methods in automated hematology analyzers results in platelet measurement deviations that might be caused by interference from large platelets or cell fragments of a size similar to platelets. For this purpose, the routinely used Sysmex XE2100 analyzer (Sysmex, Kobe, Japan) is equipped with 2 platelet detection methods, the impedance method (PLT-I) and the optical method (PLT-O). FFC looks at RNA/DNA content, cell size and inner cell complexity rather than cell size alone. Funkce „Rerun & Reflex“ umožňuje efektivní organizaci práce a využití kapacity přístroje, kdy oba dasit moduly měří vzorky. A platelet transfusion threshold of 10 × 103/μL (10 × 109/L) is recommended for prophylactic transfusion in stable patients, whereas a level of less than 20 × 103/μL (20 × 109/L) is recommended in case of risk factors such as splenomegaly, coagulation factor deficiencies, and rapid decrease in platelet count or xn-2000 dasit manual severe bleeding.

Attain powerful performance with a compact footprint. Grâce aux tests Reflex intégrés, il n&39;est plus nécessaire de sélectionner et recharger les échantillons manuellement. XN- comes standard with the XN-10 CBC analyzers.

Per NRBC la concordanza minore con il microscopio è stata osservata per ADVIA 2120. Hematology Analyzer Wagon Kit XN-™ Includes Monitor Arm, Keyboard / Mouse Platform For XN-™ Hematology Analyzer Sysmex America XN-WGNSET. Blood smears were reviewed for the presence of erythrocyte (RBC) or leukocyte (WBC) fragments, microcytosis, giant pl.

In subjects with thrombocytopenia, high accuracy and high precision of low platelet count is essential for appropriate clinical decisions. In the majority of samples, platelets are accurately counted using PLT-I. Grâce à nos services de télémaintenance, nous pouvons assurer un entretien optimal du système.

Dimensions / weights W x H x D mm / kg XN-550: 450 x 450 x 660 / approx. The Sysmex ® CA-1500 System quickly analyzes large quantities of samples with a high-level of accuracy. Quality Control: Comprehensive QC files including “Current” and “New” lot feature 1 XbarM file with 300 data points Online QC. The CD61-ImmunoPLT reference method was performed on the FC-5000 flow cytometer (Beckman Coulter, Miami, FL), according to International Council for Standardization in Haematology guidelines for platelet counting. XN-1000, XN-, XN-3000 or XN-9000. .

Rerun & Reflex konfigürasyonunda, cihaz temel ve genişletilmiş testler için harika bir çözüme dönüştürülür. Because the two modules process rack samples simultaneously, it can accommodate any sample without slowing down. XN : Download processing. xn-2000 dasit manual FFC teknolojisinde yalnızca hücre büyüklüğü değil RNA/DNA içeriği, hücre büyüklüğü ve iç hücre karmaşıklığı incelenir. Et vous ne perdez pas de temps, même avec des échantillons anormaux. Aspiration Volume: Sampler or manual closed mode: 150μL manual open mode: 85μL capillary mode: 40μL.

During microscopic evaluation of the blood smears, RBC or WBC fragments, microcytosis, giant platelets, and platelet clumps were not observed. In its Rerun & Reflex configuration, it is transformed into a superb solution for basic and extended testing. .

Blood samples were excluded if they showed “flags” indicating the potential presence of platelet clumps.

Xn-2000 dasit manual

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